What She Said Co is happy to assist with custom neon art pieces designed specifically for your home or business. We understand that you're searching for a particular look, and we work with you to make sure your neon piece is perfect.

Prices for custom neon signs vary depending on what you require for your sign but generally start around $500 AUD, plus shipping. Price is dependent on size of sign, amount of text, detail/illustration involved, font/style of lettering, medium and time frame required.


To start this process, we guide you through the neon design and offer you concepts based on your written description or inspiration images. We will allow up to three (3) revisions on your chosen concept.

Please note: we will never copy submitted pictures out right. We will retain the essence of the piece you're after to make it 100% yours and original for you.


After the design process has taken place and you are happy with your design, they are made by hand and thus the turnaround time is typically 8 weeks, however we are happy to discuss timing should you need the sign sooner. Please email


At this point we require a 50% deposit with the remainder due when your sign(s) are ready for delivery. We are happy to also discuss payment plans if you would like to make payments weekly/fortnightly/monthly but we do still require a deposit + payment in full before delivery.

Please do get in touch for more information and prices, or simply fill out the form below.


Name *
This is where the sign will be shipped to. Australia-wide only.
If you already have a design for your sign, or your sign is an image or a logo, you can send us the design when we respond to you.
Please supply font file or link to font from a website i.e.
Choose from white, warm white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pastel pink, hot pink, lilac, turquoise.
We typically offer clear acrylic but can request for black or white if desired. If you do not want a backing, please specify that here.
It’s easiest to give us one dimension, like a width from left to right. Or a height from top to bottom. We will work the rest out for you.
Date required? *
Date required?
If the custom sign is required within 8-week timeframe, priority charges may apply.
If you have an image or other graphic files of your design that you would like to send us, please wait for us to respond to you and then you can email them to us. Thank you.